Destination Thessaloniki- Agioli

Αγιολί, δείπνο, θέα, κρασί. agioli, Salonique

Lovely Thessaloniki! A relaxing walk any time of the day along the Nea Paralia street would be an unforgettableΛευκός Πύργος, Θεσσαλονίκη experience creating beautiful emotions, while ending up at the characteristic tower monument for the city–the White Tower.


During your walk  along the beautiful coastal street, you should definitely pay a visit to the best restaurant of the city, “Agioli” next to Aristotelous Sq. and just a few minutes from the White Tower, at 15, Nikis Avenue. A unique place combining overwhelming varieties of seafood and Mediterranean aromas with a spectacular sea view that you could enjoy while tasting one of its wonderful wines at the balcony. At the ground floor of Agioli, where ouzo is served, you can enjoy delicious tsipouro and ouzo appetizers, at friendly prices for everyone.

αγιολί, ουζερί

Travel with us with Rentacar of TasteDriver  in one of the most charming cities of Greece, the beloved Thessaloniki. A rich city to broaden your historical knowledge and enrich your memories with romantic images and flavors.


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