Dina Nikolaou, the Greek chef who conquered Paris


Dina Nikolaou, the Greek chef who conquered Paris



Dina Nikolaou is one of the most respected chefs in Greece and Paris. Completing her postgraduate studies in economics and marketing was influenced by French gastronomy and the seriousness that the French faced with, the professional chefs and changed her route by deciding to study and dedicate to cooking. The “unprecedented” chef.

I am proud that Dina Nicolaou is my friend and I was happy to start my site with her own interview.

The conversation took place at the Evi Evan restaurant in Paris, in a very loving place that exudes Greece.

Cooking for you means?

Inspiration, creativity, caring, truth, ethics, and professional cooking in addition to knowledge, technic and intensive work.

What is the philosophy of your kitchen?

Respect to the raw material, without many techniques and ingredients in each dish, clean flavors for easy decoding by the recipient.


Your favorite dish?

A dish that has been recorded in my memory and I am “confusing” its taste, with the emotional security I feel when I taste it: the orphaned August stuffed peppers and tomatoes – gemista- made by my mom.

Your source of inspiration?

Human, nature, arts, love for life.

Secret of your success?

If we admit that I have made some achievements I owe it to hard work and to my dreams that keep me passionate …


Your motto?

“One of the greatest rules of life is this: the more you give, the more you get” by William Dannfort

Your favorite chef?

I love Joel Robuchon and I admit Alain Ducasse

Your favorite color?

The coral

Special moments of your career?

The foundation of EVI EVAN in Paris 11 years ago by me and my sister, Maria Nikolaou, who is also its soul…

How difficult is it for a Greek chef to “stand” in the demanding French gastronomic scene?

Very difficult and painful but at the same time charming and intriguing … because if you manage there, you can make it everywhere.


What is the opinion of the French about our Greek cuisine and our products?

We still build, work is needed to convince them of our importance. Unfortunately, until now, there has not been a collective gastronomic strategy by the state – as has happened with Italy – so every one of us who fights abroad with dignity and purpose puts a glimpse into the gastronomic image of our country. But this requires time and vision. Generally the French are philhellenes and this helps.

Unrealized Culinary dreams?

Much more than when I started my career, one of them is to travel Greek cuisine all over the world …


If you were not a chef which profession would you choose?

I would like to be a doctor, I could be an actor, in my dreams I’m a ballerina

For the future what?

Who can know? Hope, work and love


Thank you warmly, Dina



A gastronomic space in the heart of the metropolis of gastronomy that will offer you a lively taste experience. A loving restaurant where you will try Dina Nicolaou’s kitchen at its best.

If you are in Paris, do not miss this opportunity, since it is also on the most beautiful side of the city, in the famous Saint Germain.



75006 PARIS

TEL 0033143549786


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