Do you really know the benefits of the eggplant for our organism


One of our favorite vegetables that marks the Mediterranean diet.


The journey of eggplant starts in India and goes to China,the largest eggplant producer in the world so far,  where people highly appreciate its benefits . It is said that it came to the Mediterranean at the beginning of the Middle Ages and then spread across Europe.

In Greek cuisine there are over 100 main recipes with eggplant and there are many benefits for our body.

Do you know that eggplant is an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, copper, folic acid. It is also a rich source of fibre and vitamins B1 and B6. Phenols that contain flavonoids act against viruses, bacteria and cancer.

It reduces cholesterol and the anthocyanins and niacin that it contains protects the brain and can improve memory and mental function.

The eggplant fights depression and makes us look beautiful.

From studies, eggplant’s chlorogenic acid is directly related to mood improvement. Also, when we eat eggplant, we activate enzymes that detoxify our body. It belongs to the group of vegetables that support weight loss because it is low in calories and rich in soluble fibre and thus gives us a feeling of fullness.

Finally, it helps reduce blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and help our bone health.

It is worth putting eggplant in our diet at least twice a week.

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