The gastronomy and the markets of Kiev


The gastronomy and the markets of Kiev

The first surprise was waiting for me in the covered Bessarabka market. Music and colorful benches, loaded with freshness, color and fragrance. The Pickles are unbelievable with any vegetable you can imagine whole garlic and tomatoes to strange peppers and cabbage. I loved the large painted metallic or glass canisters and the way they balance them.

Amazing pickles

Below we see fish, but also smoked seafood and slightly salted, which are passed through crowns. Some like the sturgeons are caught on the spot from tanks and others come from the Baltic or the Black Sea.

Fish smoked from the river

Noble vendors playfully give you caviar, just for testing … so there is no way to be here and not buy a jar. Their variety, freshness and texture surprised me … so cheap I did not find them even in the Caspian.  Next to it, the Salo, gives its own spot in the local cuisine, the famous pork lard is delicious, with oregano, sprinkled with nutmeg, red peppers, cumin and smoked on acorns.

Plenty of caviar

On the fruit stalls Greece holds the scepter. Arta Oranges, Manwlada Strawberries, Kiwi, Imathia peaches, Cretan tomatoes and next to them olive oil and cheeses from all over Greece.

My shopping stroll was completed at the luxurious Mega Market where the shelves were flooded with marvelous Greek products and I really enjoyed it. Here you will find vodka of all kinds and wines of French and Italian vineyards. Extremely rare French cheeses, cold meats, and in general whatever you have in your mind. Sellers and cashiers dressed in their traditional uniforms.


Check out the Underground Market of the metro in the Independence Square. The Ukrainians love the flowers very much and you will find them in many combinations. Here you will also find many souvenirs for gifts to friends.


Pantelis Skarlatos, had another surprise for me, since in the famous Spotykach restaurant, in an authentic, nostalgic mansion of the past, authentic, nostalgic with a musical atmosphere of fairytale, an expert seminar of Ukrainian flavors by Alexander Maltchev, one of the most famous executive chefs, waited for us. It is understandable that the beginning was made with the chicken of Kiev, which has its own story, since the recipe is Russian known as the Kiev escalop. Because of sympathy … towards the Russians they removed the Escalop and named it chicken of Kiev. The Russian salad for the same reason they renamed it Olivier salad, honoring her French inspirer. There followed fish salads, lahanodolmas and soft pasta, like ravioli, varenyky stuffed with cheese and raspberries, otia with mushrooms,  crêpes with wild cherries and cakes with walnuts and wine with honey. The wine of Crimea I liked but the vodka strong up to tears … of joy, of course!

Spotykach restaurant

Must in Kiev

A visit to the chocolate kingdom in the atmospheric LVIV historic café, with wooden tables with grandmother’s seam, red rose and sinful chocolate….

Walks in the woods, in city parks and on the banks of the Dnieper River, where in the summer they swim and water sport.

If you have some time visit the interesting museums.

Actually I did not expect that Kiev would be so full of excitements.

Useful information

We arrive by plane, selecting flights from many companies including Aegean Airlines.

Where to stay

Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel

Luxurious with great views at a very central point. Its breakfast is amazing. The price is about 260e

Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv

In this hotel I stayed and it is very good and the breakfast was amazing as well as the service. It also has auditorium for business meetings and conferences. The price range is about to 150-188e

Podol Plaza Hotel

My friend stayed in this hotel and she has the best impressions both from the hotel, the breakfast and the area that is graphical.

Where to eat

Spotykach phone. +380445864095

The most beautiful restaurant in Kiev, I will never forget its authentic flavors and it’s amazing environment like a scene of a Kiev mansion house, from yesterday. The figurine of another era like the furniture and the tapisseries. A unique experience. Try chicken Kiev and sweet abstractions …

Shoti  phone. + 380443399399

I liked a lot …  the tastes of Ukrainian and especially of Georgia. A must for vegetarians. It is considered the second best of the city.

Ηappy Grill Bar phone. +380444250109

Stylish flavors with good meat and nice people since it has been voted as the No. 1 restaurant of the city. From the restaurants I visited I consider it Νο 3

The restaurants of the hotels I mentioned to you are very good too.

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