Health Tourism in Greece


Health Tourism in Greece – Dynamic Participation and official debut at the annual 4th International Tourism Exhibition “Greek Tourism Expo 2017”

Health Tourism in Greece officially debuts at the 4th International Greek Tourism Exhibition this year, GREEK TOURISM Expo ’17, by a specially focused one-day meeting organized by the National Health Tourism Center and its President Giorgos Patoulis in cooperation with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, KEDE, and the Athens Medical Association.

Enriching the content of the annual GTE, which will be held this year at the Metropolitan Expo on December 8-10, the Health Tourism one-day Conference  is announced to be held on 9/12/2017 from 11.00 to 15.00 with the participation of specialized speakers, distinguished scientists and statesmen.

The launching and special presentation of  Health Tourism in Greece during the  4th International Greek Tourism annual Exhibition has become for 2017  top priority in the broader scope of the Greek Tourism Expo 2017 expansion to promote Greek Tourism in the international travel markets with fresh content and new tourism branches -as the Gastronomy Tourism and Alternative Tourism sectors – due to the rapid growth of Health Tourism trend worldwide, but also due to the special advantages and prospects of  Health Tourism in Greece for the international investors and millions of travelers  worldwide.

The aim of the one- day Health Tourism in Greece conference, at GTE 2017 is the promotion of Greece, birthplace of medical tourism since antiquity worldwide, as the ideal Health Tourism destination in the present and future for the health travelers of the world.

Of particular interest for the Health Tourism in Greece “official premiere” in the annual  International Greek Tourism Exhibition, is the  fact that the GTE 2017 will welcome specialized Hosted Buyers of the Health Tourism Industry from many countries who will  conduct B2B meetings with exhibitors, centers and agencies of our country’s  Health Tourism industry such as Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers of Greece, Health and Tourism Businesses and Professionals, Medical Associations, Travel Agencies , Insurance Companies, and Municipalities and Regions of Greece with thermal springs, and more .

The GTE 2017 will host 150 Hosted Buyers (dealing with Leisure, MICE, Business Travel and Alternative Tourism) from more than 40 countries and B2B meetings with exhibitors are expected to exceed the number of 6,000.

The full program of the HEALTH TOURISM IN GREECE one day conference will be announced in the coming weeks. Key speakers and participants will be experts and statesmen who have already contributed to the emergence of Health Tourism in Greece sector with their initiatives, their scientific work and their international role and presence in making Greece a spot of global Health Tourism attraction.



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