How are aromatic plants better preserved?


One sure thing is, that the fresher the aromatic plants are when consumed the better the aromas and taste while cooking. We shouldn’t forget that that the aromatic herbs are used in the kitchen at the end of cooking and not at the start unless it is for minced meat or pies.
The best thing is to create our own garden at our balcony and consume them while they are fresh.

Their preservation demands specific technic , knowledge and methodology so they preserve their aroma and their freshness.

The secret to keep them fresh for 1-2 days is to place the aromatic herbs in the fridge, in a glass with water like the flowers and wrap the bouquet with a kitchen bag.

Another method is to wrap them gently with wet kitchen paper and place them in a plastic bag, inside the fridge drawer.

If we want to dry them out  so we can keep them for a long time, especially the seasonal aromatic herbs, we hang them upside down,  tying them with strings from their stems in a dry and well ventilated area. This position helps to concentrate the flavor at the leaves.

If we want to solidify our aromatic herbs we chop them and add water to make ice cubes and preserve them in the freezer.

We can freeze the aromatic herbs in special small bags in the freezer and use them in portions in our food directly.

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