Imperial Applestrudel in Vienna



Imperial Applestrudel in Vienna

Early afternoon with Imperial taste….. Apple strudel and Viennese coffee in the atmospheric Palace Schönbrunn.

Rituality “by the hand of Querfeld” and the original recipe is all “yours” …….

Princess Sissy is the emblematic personality of Austria, who was loved and stigmatized the Viennese life, gave it color and glamor. In the Austrian gastronomy she put her own stamp with the famous apple strudel. The dream of every gourmet taster is to try the imperial applestrudel within an atmosphere of the era….

A call made by a friend, gave me a carte blanche to approach my tasteful dream.

A guest of the kindest Mr Berndt Querfeld, I arrived in Vienna. He is the key person for my initiation to the world of Vienna’s taste.

The finest historic cafés of Vienna belong to the Querfeld family. Our first meeting took place in the famous historic Landtmann café. It has been standing there since 1873. It was recently awarded as “The Most Elegant Viennese Café of the 21st Century”. My tasty tour begins at the right spot with the most distinguished company.

From the list of 20 coffees I chose the coffee named Sissy without a second thought and for sweet apple strudel. With intervention “from above” the coffee was accompanied by Kaiserchmarrn, the favorite pancakes with raisins of the Emperor Francis Joseph, the beloved one of Sissy.

The teasing remarks for my name were falling like rain… We discussed the possibility of creating a “Association of Historical Cafes in Europe”, since the first who established a café in Europe was Greek. He was excited with the idea.

Our second stop –the Schönbrunn Palace.


By walking through the Central Entrance we headed left and quickly “penetrated” the imperial bakery. In the basement are the preparation rooms of the legendary applestrudel. An intense look into the past. The demonstration of the preparation of the dream sweet has just begun …… Everything is done with the glamor and the mysticism of the era. It seemed especially easy to me … … I tasted it almost steamy.. … with this wonderful whipped cream.

The maître led us to the historic Rezidenz café located on the ground floor.

“Lenin’s table at the corner of the library.”

Here, historical forms of every age, spent endless hours discussing here. The coffee table next to the library was a familiar meeting point for Lenin and his group, while the other one at the center was Freud’s. If these “walls” could talk, how much historical evidence we would know about what happened in the past.

We satvienna_travel_7 on the table next to the window, the second piece of applestrudel came to our table accompanied by the appropriate coffee, at the Rezidenz gazing at the Schönbrunn Palace … some ladies from the staff who were “dressed” in dresses of the season where walking around. Dream atmosphere and warmth. The people possess the art of hospitality and the art of life. The dream … A thank you from the heart to Mr Berndt Querfeld.


Rezidenz café



The secret recipe of the imperial applestrudel

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