Kanakis International Transports has been active in the field of international transports since 1975 with a privately-owned and cooperating fleet.

The headquarters of the company are located in Thessaloniki, in the area of ​​Lahanagoras, in a privately owned area. Keeping up with with the constant needs of the market, by continuously upgrading equipment and  increasing the strength of the privately-owned lorry fleet as well as renewing ground facilities,  KANAKIS TRANSPORT is living up to your needs at the highest possible speed, consistency, reliability and safety. The personel of the company plays an important role for us, thereby we choose our staff according to their experience and know-how, for the purpose of your complete service!


What do we do for you at Kanakis Transport and Logistic Services?

We undertake partial and complete ADR loads and more, as well as loading, unloading, storage, cargo insurance and distribution. The goal we have set for the services we offer is our great advantage and this is how we achieve a direct contact with the customer!

This makes us more trustworthy!

This also makes us more reliable!


At Kanakis Transport and Logistic Services, we offer shipping services to and from Northern Europe with speed, consistency and accountability. We perform partial or complete loads in countries such as Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. We also provide services in countries such as: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania and Cyprus with the help of trusted and fully trained third-party partners!


In our modern facilities, a total area of ​​18 acres, there is a warehouse of 1500 sq.m. and offices of 350 sq.m. We pay great attention to the maintenance and the smooth functioning of the vehicles.We also take into consideration of the good physical and mental state of the drivers. For this reason we have at our facilities a complete vehicle repair shop, a truck wash department and a resting place for the drivers.



15 Kristalis Str., P.C: 54628, Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310761412 Fax: +30 2310703236
e-mail: info@kanaki-sa.gr

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