Kavala – 15th of August: The Virgin Mary of the Sea and the Virgin Mary of mountain in Eastern Macedonia


 There is a church dedicated to Virgin Mary everywhere. On the mountain or by the sea. Inside the city or  somewhere in the countryside.

Wherever we honour her grace, thousands of pilgrims travel miles to worship her on that day . They wont complain for the fatigue until they reach the church. Nor will they complain under the hot sun. They will not lose their patience by waiting in the queue to light up their candle. They wont protest for someone who may have taken their turn. With reverence, patience, and mostly with faith and devotion to the Holy Mother, they will humbly bend their heads. Thus they fulfil each one of their personal vows.

She will be there. She will wait for each one to listen to their prayers and supplications, their pleas and painful thoughts. They would also express their gratitude for fulfilling their wishes and for the personal miracle that she gives to the soul and mind of every pilgrim. Undoubtedly, it’s people’s faith that saves them.

Every year on the 15th of August that is the day of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, believers of all ages will seek their own church dedicated to her Grace or the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. They’d look for the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary that will lead them to personal salvation. At that time, the individual story of each pilgrim relates to the history, legends and traditions of every icon of her Grace, placed in an iconostasis of a wooden temple or in the middle of the holy shrine, looking in the eyes of each and every pilgrim, who approaches with reverence to embrace it.

Those two days, everyone’s faith will lead them beyond mountains and seas to ask for a miracle as they walk through the door of the church, in the memory of Theotokos.

Since the beginning of August, a number of believers have come to the picturesque seaside villages of Paggaio, especially in Nea Iraklitsa and Nea Peramos, paying their respects to Virgin Mary. The focus of the celebrations is the two pilgrimages in N. Peramos, on August 15 and in N. Heraklitsa on August 23, at the Nine-Day of Theotokos.

Panagia Faneromeni of Nea Peramos

Our tradition and testimonies suggest the Greek expeditionary forces used the harbour of Perama for the embarkation to the coast of Asia Minor, in 1919 . One of the last evenings before departure, a soldier at a camp dreamed of Holy mother. That was a divine sign and the next day, while digging, the soldier found a small oval-shaped icon depicting Theotokos holding Jesus Christ.

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