Lesvos – Eressos 8/7/2018, LESVOS FOOD FEST 2018

Anna Katachana – A’ corespondent of TasteDriver.com

Eressos 8/7/2018, LESVOS FOOD FEST 2018

08/07/2018 At the morning at Eressos pier

Breakfast at the pier

Cooking on the boat : Cooking with local products of Lesvos on the Yalos platforms by the unique chef Eleni Psychouli and the food journalist Ioanna Stamoulou.

Afternoon at Eressos pier beach

Playing guitars and singing along, we always remember nostalgic times at Eressos pier beach. With watermelon and touloumotyri cheese… like when everything was simple and carefree back then.

Having fun like the old days at Eressos pier


eressos_food_fest_8  eressos_food_fest_10




08/07/2018 Afternoon at Eressos pier


eressos_food_fest_14  eressos_food_fest_14

eressos_food_fest_15  eressos_food_fest_16

eressos_food_fest_17  eressos_food_fest_18

eressos_food_fest_19  eressos_food_fest_20

eressos_food_fest_21  eressos_food_fest_22

eressos_food_fest_23  eressos_food_fest_24

eressos_food_fest_25  eressos_food_fest_26

eressos_food_fest_27  eressos_food_fest_28

eressos_food_fest_29  eressos_food_fest_30

Having fun like the old days at Eressos pier

You can read  the events that happened in 07/07/2018 at the article of Anna Katachana at emvolos.gr

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