How long can the red Easter eggs endure?

By Fotini Kassaveti

How long can the red Easter eggs endure?

You should be aware that hard boiled eggs cannot last as mush as the raw eggs which can last for three to five weeks in the refrigerator.



We should consume boiled eggs within a short time.

pasxalina_auga_1By painting eggs now at Easter, many will wonder how long the hard boiled eggs can withstand before they get bad. Generally, boiled eggs can endure a week in the refrigerator. Even with their natural (but brittle) calcium carbonate shell, hard-boiled eggs are fragile foods and cannot last room temperature for over two hours.

pasxalina_auga_2How old are your eggs?

To understand how old your eggs are, check the inscription on the package. Each package writes the production date. If the eggs are your own production, it is good to note the date they were born.



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