“Angela’s diet” Office

Αγγελική Σαρρή, διατροφολόγος Σκιάθου

Dietician Angeliki Sarris gratuated from the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at the Alexandrio Technological Educational Institute in Thessaloniki.

From 2010 (up to today) she has attended

-annual congresses at Thessaloniki

  • International Diabetes Association (2010)
  • annual atherosclerosis conference (2011)
  • northern Hellenic cardiology conference (2012)
  • 2 annual Macedonian nutrition and diet conferences 90 and 120 (2011 and 2018)

-professional seminars in Volos

  • 1 training seminar on: modern developments in the treatment of metabolic diseases (2012)
  • 1 pediatric seminar (2013)

-2 asynchronous attendance seminars

  • child obesity and treatment (2019)
  • emotional overeating and treatment (2019)

She also continuously keep up with all changes in the field of nutrition, reads and writes relevant articles, is a member of the public group dietitians and nutritionists of the Institutional and Healthy Group and filling recipes for diabetics .

Her job focuses on changing nutritional habits and lifestyle of each person, so they may succeed not only in improving their health but to enhance their self-esteem and self-respect with the right psychological support and finally  have permanent effects.

Her Dietary Office has been established in Skiathos island since January 17 and has been active for the past two years in order to provide best nutrition and health services. The inauguration of the office took place on 23/01/2017. However the professional activity of the dietitian starts two years prior in medical hospitals and polytherapy.

She is know for her expertise in dealing with the nutritional needs for any age group (children, adolescents, adults) through individualised diet programs for weight control, treatment and prevention of clinical diseases and chronic diseases, pregnancy, nursing and nutrition of athletes.


  • Anthropometric measurements (weighing, weight measurement, etc.)
  • Individual medical history
  • Individualised diet programs
  • Food pyramid analysis
  • Basic metabolism measurement
  • Body composition analysis (lipometry)
  • Determination of body fluids (hydration and dehydration rates)
  • Nutritional support for children, adolescents, pregnant nurses and adults
  • Diet programs specialised on athletes
  • Nutritional support for pathological conditions (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, increased cholesterol-triglycerides, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders, etc.)
  • diet programs through remote electronic monitoring

Nutrition programs are personalised. This means that they have a basis on the personal measurements she makes at the examination area,as well as on your medical history, your nutritional preferences, allergies, intolerance, and your daily schedule.

The programs:

– meet your nutritional needs; your taste preferences

– are integrated and adapted to your every day schedule

– do not restrict you from your other activities

– they aim at a balanced diet rather than food deprivation

– lead to a general improvement of your health



It is common knowledge that nutrition plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Additionally, proper nutrition is the basis for the proper development and functioning of our organism.

The goal of the dietetic office is:

nutritional guidance and support for achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight

–  meeting dietary needs in various life conditions such as childhood and adolescence, pregnancy, breast-feeding etc,

prevention and treatment of diseases and nutrition support for athletes.

By assessing the specific characteristics of each person’s health and nutrition, and also by studying his individual activity and history, we design a completely personalised diet capable of living up to every person’s needs adequately.

She always follows the most recent scientific studies and her main motto is the adoption of a balanced diet and the avoidance of extreme and dangerous diets ​​and practices.




The Dietary Office consists of 2 areas: the reception room and the office, which also includes the examination room. The office, apart from the basic furnishings (office, chair, exam bed), is also equipped with storage items for everyday use tools, e.g. documents. As storage rooms there are, besides shelves, cabinets, libraries and wooden racks.

It has all the legal and necessary equipment:

  1. Digital scales (seca)
  2. Height meter(seca)
  3. Dermatrophotometer
  4. Blood pressure digital monitor
  5. Nutritional pyramid with 26 food items
  6. Basic Metabolism and Body composure Analyzer (maltron-906)
  7. Computer

Apart from the technological and medical equipment, there are:

  • a bed-type examination bed, a parlor to make the patient feel more comfortable.
  • a heating, cooling and hygiene of the office atmosphere (air conditioners, ionizers etc.) and air fresheners. The thermal comfort of the workplace greatly improves the performance and everyone’s mood.



Nutritionist-Dietitian: ANGELIKI A. SARRI

Phone: 2427029028 & 6977151193

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