“Central Greece Let’s taste” the new book of Sissy Nika

Νika Sissy's New Book

An extremely interesting book by our “own” journalist, Sissy Nika, published by the Region of Central Greece. Through its 240 pages and the 454 unique photos of the famous journalist, you travel to every corner of Central Greece, which is the heart of authentic Greek gastronomy. The 96 authentic traditional recipes of the Central Greece cuisine of the lands, the mountains, the sea, the monasteries make the journey delightful.

The book is divided into 5 sections of Fthiotida, Evia and Skyros, Viotia, Phokida and Evritania.

The book presents in an original way the philosophy of cooking, cheese making and the process of producting cheese of local PDO cheeses such as Feta, Katiki Domokou,  Formaela chesse from Arahova of Parnassos, Graviera, as well as the the rich pallet of cheeses due to biodiversity such as the tsalafouti cheese, opsimotyri, tulumotyri, kefalotyri, goat cheese, milk, yoghurt, butter.

The beekeeping has an important place in the study because of the high nutritional value of the local honey that is awarded in the most respected international competitions.

The varieties that are PDOs such as table olives of Atalantis, Stylida, Rovies, the shell Pistachios, Sperchios kiwis, Kimi-Taxiarhis dried figs, as well as the cultivation of native varieties, wine, aromatic plants, stevia, cereals, almonds, vegetables, mushrooms, legumes , apples and walnuts, fish farming, fishing are some of the most interesting topics of the book.

The new book of Sissy Nika

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