Apple dumplings

μηλοπιτάκια, καρύδια, μαρμελάδα, μήλο
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This recipe that I present to you will become your favourite and you will make it several times.

Regardless the age, people love them excessively. In fact, I’m in a big trouble because all my friends asked me to make some apple dumplings for them.

I  tasted them for the first time by Dimitra, in her hotel “Argo” in Petries, which is famous and has been awarded by the Chamber of Euboea for its breakfast.

Her apple dumplings and her round shaped cheese dumplings have conquered my heart.

We also presented them in my book “Gastronomikos Chartis  Euboeas kai Skyrou” (meaning gastronomical map of Euboea and Skyros) which the Chamber of Euboea has published.βιβλίο, Γαστρονομικός Χάρτης, Σίσσυ Νίκα, 100 συνταγές

We could use apple jam or roasted apple cut in pieces for the filling. If we wish, we may add raisins or almonds to it.

The choice is yours.μηλοπιτάκια, καρύδια, μαρμελάδα, μήλο

Apple dumplings

From Dimitra Kanari, Hotel Argo,

Agioi Apostoloi, Petries



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