Athens – Calf with mashed potato at the Acropolis Museum’s restaurant

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Traditional meal at the Acropolis Museum’s restaurant

Thousands of tourists visit the famous Acropolis museum, which is today considered to be one of the world’s brightest museums.

ακρόπολη, μουσείο

It is definitely worth it spending a day to visit Acropolis.  There are great tour packages even for the whole family and or young people. We suggest you paying a visit at the Museum’s restaurant so that you can enjoy authentic Greek tastes while gazing at the Acropolis … an absolute experience.

ακρόπολη, μουσείο, βράδυ, δείπνο
acropolis museum photo by vitsaropoulos

If you want to visit the Museum on Friday, you would enjoy a dinner with fine dishes at the restaurant, drinks and jazz music until midnight. Perhaps it’d be a great idea if the music was ancient Greek…

However, it is very nice to include Greek PDO products in the restaurant menu because it gives special emphasis on the rich variety provided by Greek lands.


We give you the phone number to be sure that after your cultural walk in the Museum, you will enjoy Acropolis lights by night, with a glass of fine Greek wine.

The phone number for reservations is (+30) 210 9000915, on the days and hours of operation of the Museum.

We really enjoyed the traditional Lemon Calf there and we share the recipe with you.


Traditional Calf with mashed potato

at the Acropolis Museum’s restaurant

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