Authentic American Burger

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Authentic American Burger

Flavors possible for heroes

Authentic American recipe with real and very tasty burgers. The main thing is that with this incredible delicious creation of the talented executive chef Laertis Oikonomou, in 20 minutes, the whole cooking business for the incredible Burger lasts, we can win the smile and the excitement of those we love.

Our little friends will love it but also the older children… The Americans with their hearty Burger accompanied their drink…

The fascinating sunset view from the restaurant Terra Petra, to the sea, the chimney in the center is the only stone stove in Greece.

Laertis and I made two filling Hangover Burgers, so that we can write the recipe exactly, as it always happens, after all, this is the secret of our success, we prepare and try them first, we photograph them and of course immediately after it comes the time of taste and enjoyment with friends.

Laertis Oikonomou is the charismatic executive chef of the all day restaurant and multipurpose area Terra Petra, next to the Petra theater and we enjoyed our food having a fascinating view of Athens to the sea. A gastronomic experience… and the song of Hatzis “when you look from above the earth looks like a painting” you will surely remember it and you will sing it softly… so beautifully.

Authentic American Burger

By Laertis Oikonomou, executive chef of Terra Petra complex, Petra Theater, Athens

The executive chef Laertis Oikonomou

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