Authentic Tiramisu

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Authentic Tiramisu

The “uplifting” delicacy…

One of the most beloved sweets of Italy and Europe. The first official mention is relatively recent, in the middle of the 20th century. The province of Veneto and Friuli claim it originated from them and somewhere in the middle is Lombardy since mascarpone is its traditional cream cheese. The name of the dessert literally means “that which cheers up” and not accidentally since it has enough caffeine, sugar, zabaglione cream, eggs and sweet Marsala wine.


The dessert may not have had a previous career, before 1960, because its ingredients are so delicate, cream cheese, raw eggs and cocoa that gets wet if left in the fridge and maybe in the past they could not keep it safe.


On a recent trip to beautiful Dusseldorf, Germany, I tried the second most beautiful tiramisu of my life, at the Italian coffee patisserie Poccino, asked for the recipe and they gladly gave it to me.



Of course, the best tiramisu in a glass and only with an airy piece of leaf in between, I really enjoyed it at the emblematic Caffe Greco, in Rome… an epic dessert like the real panacotta… Gastronomic Experience.

Authentic Tiramisu

From the famous Poccino in Dusseldorf, Germany

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