Briam in the oven in clay pots with feta cheese and aromatic herbs

  • Προβολές

The original recipe of Epirus area that its taste excites you….

Favorite tasty creation of the summer where the zucchini, tomatoes and eggplants are at their best.

Cooking in clay pots gives strong flavor. Unforgettable experience the braim (greek ratatouille) cooked in traditional oven… with warm bread with sourdough and dreamy feta cheese… with aromas of the Epirus mountains…

Stone paths above Voidomatis river… historical epirotic bridges… easy on the eyes

Passing by Greece from one corner to another we get to know and record the authentic recipes with this nostalgic taste of yesterday… and we prepare them exclusively for the members of Delliniko at old Faliro and not only to them…

 Little secrets

For the briam we use fresh vegetables and ripe tomatoes of the summer.

We need as aromatic and fruity wine so we have a tasty result.

If we need we add green and red peppers.

We can use crumbles of kefalograviera cheese in the briam and sprinkle grinned kefalograviera or pecorino cheese.

We can eat briam a day after and its still delicious.


Briam form Epirus area in the oven in clay pots with feta cheese and aromatic herbs.

From executive chef Spiros Nakos


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