Cheese bread with Florina pepper

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Cheese bread with Florina pepper

 Homemade bread

Sometimes, making our favorite bread “sounds” hard… we may have even tried to and it didn’t work out. What is certain is that we did not have the right recipe with the proportions and the little secrets that my friend Efi gives us.

She is used to making it and it is liked a lot. Each time following the recipe you can add your own aromatic, oregano, thyme, rosemary or even use the cheeses you like, yellow, smoked or Roquefort and sliced mushrooms. I really liked the last time I put in bacon after I cooked it for a bit on a non-stick pan and cut it into small pieces.

What excited my little friends was when I put in pieces of grilled sausages. The bad thing was that they kept constantly asking for it.

In terms of shape you can make buns or loaves or even shape the dough into braids.

The choice is yours and you will definitely love this recipe.

Cheese bread with Florina pepper

By Efi Markozanes, Mykonos

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