Chocolate pie with fresh strawberries

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Chocolate pie with fresh strawberries

An epic chocolate pie

The sweet that is loved by young and old … Chrysoula made it to celebrate the fruiting of the first strawberry plant in her garden… The next day several more appeared and the rest of her strawberry plants were in bloom.

Chrysoula’s hotel has won many awards for its breakfast. The raw materials are excellent, the citrus and the other fruit trees are all organic, they give her fruits that are the raw material for the jams. For the first time she decided to create her own garden with strawberries and all kinds of vegetables. Chrysoula is a perfectionist in everything she does, so she takes care of the garden with much love. This way we will enjoy all the goodies from her garden on our plate, so breakfast becomes even more valuable.

She receives the eggs daily from local hens and the cheeses come from the milk of goats, sheep or cows of native breeds. Everything is planned and nothing in Hotel Ganimede is left to chance.

We added strawberry juice and Chios mastic to the chocolate pie and our dessert has a special aroma… but also color since each piece has its own strawberry for the finish. They are fresh, organic and very fragrant.

Well done Chrysoula

Chocolate pie with fresh strawberries

By Chrysoula Papalexi, of Hotel Ganimide, Galaxidi

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