Chocolate pies triangles

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Chocolate pies triangles

A flourishing taste

Festive taste that children really like. The chocolate cream is rich and very tasty. Orange and cinnamon give a special aroma and the strong orange liqueur or brandy have their role.

They are also suitable for breakfast and accompany our afternoon tea.

The sweets are baked in the oven and the sheet should be crispy. Once we take it out of the oven we should not cover them to keep them crisp.

Efi sprinkles them as soon as she takes them out with liqueur, the same one she used in the cream, and lets them dry for a while, and serves them without powdered sugar.

But because what we made is for our little friends, we did not sprinkle them with extra alcohol and we preferred powdered sugar. You can also pour chocolate sauce on top and make different shapes on the chocolate pie.

The choice is yours anyway you will love them.

Chocolate pies triangles

From Efi Markozanes, famous cook

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