Cookies (koulourakia) of Smyrna area

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The original taste


Inside the Estia museum of New Smyrna area, that is the oldest Asia Minor union. We met my favorite Mrs Themida Papadopoulou, manager of Estia, that koulourakia_smyrnhs_1is a terrific cook and ensured a nostalgic trip to Smyrna’s tastes with historical events. Estia is a true ark of Asia Minor culture, that deserves to be saved so that the newer generetions can know it. Now at the”steering wheel” of  Estia is the new president Mr. Giannis Papadatos, that will give a new breath at Estia.

We learnt that the Smyrna area cookies (koulourakia) always kneaded with “Lord’s Prayer” and cross them so that will be taken off the oven successfully. Because they accompany the morning drink and signal the beginning of the day at the mansions was served in a platter with a pray. Lord’s Prayer is a strong pray because by the mouth of Jesus Christ has been said to his Father.

We discovered this platter at the museum and…. we serve it to you.


The original cookies (koulourakia) of Smyrna


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