Cool mastic cream

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Cool mastic cream

Aftertaste of mastic and pepper


The desert has a major role at the “closing” of a dinner so it has to be light,  aromatic and with a sweet aftertaste for you to remember.

I’ve tasted the cool mastic cream by my favorite friend, the award winnindroserh_krema_mastixas_1g executive chef Nana Gaboura  who sprinkled it with pink pepper for a playful flavour twist. I enjoyed it and noted it down on my agenda.

Nana serves it to her guests  along with chilled mastic liqueur from Mastic Producers of Chios island that is claim to be the best.

The recipe is yours and so that we can have a good time with easy aromatic sweets…. that we can enjoy every special or lonely moment.

Cool mastic cream with pink pepper grains

By Nana Gaboura, executive chef at

“Mom Ann’s kitchen” restaurant at Servia, Kozani area.


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