Crepe with chocolate

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Crepe with chocolate

The authentic French recipe

Crepe has a special place in the hearts of young and old people. Its combinations are easily made and infinite. With chocolate, with merenda, with patisserie cream, with fruit, with jams but also grated cookies.

A French friend gave me the recipe for the crepe porridge. As you will see they do not add sugar and you can use the same recipe for porridge for sweet and savory creations.

In the summer, with chocolate and ice cream is the best.

Crepe with chocolate




    Step 1

    We put the eggs in the mixer bucket and beat them. We add the milk, flour and salt and beat until it becomes porridge.

    Step 2

    We strain, if necessary.

    Step 3

    We cover and let it rest for 30 minutes. Of course, the French leave it overnight.

    Step 4

    Before use, we beat the porridge with the wire.

    Step 5

    We heat a non-stick pan or creper very well and we add a small amount each time, we leave it for 1 minute and turn it with the spatula on the other side.

    Step 6

    We sprinkle with grated chocolate and fold it in half, we leave it for a few seconds and fold it again in two, like a towel.

    Step 7

    We serve the crepe next to parfait ice cream or chocolate.

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