Eggplant flakes Imam Baildi

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Eggplant flakes Imam Baildi

Taste of summer monastery

Now is the time when the orchards of the monastery are full of fruits. Tomatoes are so delicious since they come from the old varieties, onions, eggplants, aromatic and so wanting to present the monastery cuisine, which is the most delicious vegetarian cuisine, we asked Father Porphyrios to make us imams baildi eggplant bottles.

Top oily food with fresh village bread and a little more feta cheese and a glass of cool wine and lunch becomes a poem ..

Of course, the environment of the monastery is unique in the heart of Olympus, and the conversations with the monks raise the mood and so the meal becomes a ritual…

Eggplant flasks imam bildi From the Monastery of Agios Dionysios of En Olympus, Olympus

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