Eggplants Neapolitan in the oven

  • Προβολές

Eggplants Neapolitan in the oven
An authentic dish to be awarded

The Neapolitan cooks are famous for their cooking. Their top dishes are made with their tomatoes, which are renowned and with eggplants grown in the area.

Flavors like napolitain spaghetti or pizza are delicious, easy and belong to the povera cuisine, the poor cuisine, the simple cuisine made with cheap local ingredients.

The crunch of the combination of the two ingredients of eggplant, tomato and various cheeses are the baked eggplants that everyone likes.

The recipe is from Naples and Marina made it even better.

Eggplants Neapolitan in the oven

From Marina Koutsopoulou, “The Village Shop” Dichori

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