Fish Spaghetti from the island 

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Fish Spaghetti from the island
Amazing taste and easy made

An original pasta recipe with a seafood aroma that I really like. I’ve tasted it in Trizonia, the beautiful island of the Corinthian Gulf … indeed it’s an island 5 minutes away from Fokida … You set sail and you enter to another world. Well hidden from the public it feels like an idyllic deserted place for the few ones.

The sisters Sini, Ioanna and Natasha are the gastronomy queens of the island. The one sister owns Ancora coffee restaurant and the other one owns Ostria fish tavern. From the veranda of the beautiful small and well-cared hotel Iasmos, you are able to watch  the harbour and directly across it’s the mountain area of Fokida, with its tops still snowy. It’s a calm zone, since there are no cars on the island. It is worth it  to take an all-around walk in the island, along the hilly seaside path with the pine trees. You will definitely bump into a few turtles, maybe some wild boar or bunny and many butterflies. Dreamy…

The island’s seafood will amaze you … a small landmark of gastronomy.

Fish Spaghetti from the island

By Natasa Sini, Ostria Restaurant, Trizonia


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