Fricassee fish with aromatics

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Fricassee fish with aromatics
Taste with a sea aroma

My friend Efi loves fish like I do. My childhood memories of the incredible summer family banquets were always dedicated to the seafood cuisine and we enjoyed them in a tavern in Kandia, Nafplio, by the sea.

Mykonos at sunset … from Holakia

Even today I have combined the enjoyment of fish with gazing at the sea… It is no coincidence that whenever I am at the Agioli restaurant in Thessaloniki, I choose seafood dishes while gazing at the absolute blue sea…

I don’t remember ever cooking fish at home. But my friend is used to it, especially at this time when in Mykonos, she still finds fresh fish and prepares them for all of us.. I really like fricassee fish with aromatics and especially this wild fennel of Mykonos… and from her balcony the sea unfolds before us and we count islets.

Efi’s recipe, as always, is very easy and I share it with you.


Fricassee fish with aromatics

By Efi Markozanes, Mykonos

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