Chocolate smurf-Blue truffles

σοκολατένια τρουφάκια
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Chocolate smurf-Blue truffles

Sweet-lagoon dessert


Those small sweet bites with chocolate strands  fascinate young and older people alike. One of the most exquisite sweet treats that needs only a few ingredients. It’s a no-bake dessert we can make easily and quickly.

There are so many combinations as long as the imagination of the cook doesn’t stop running. The truffles have varied flavors, different shapes and aromas of cognac or liqueur or whiskey.


We may store them in the fridge for several days and you can dip them into a little liqueur for extra flavor and aroma even if they dry out.

If you want to amaze your guests with a beautiful dish:

you can serve the truffles in a platter with blue curacao liqueur and then place them, giving an illusion of a small “lagoon”.

Truffles with chocolate topping

From Michaela Michael by Sissy Nikaσοκολατένια τρουφάκια

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