Greek Cheesecake with cherry spoon sweet

Τσιζ κέικ με γλυκό κεράσι
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Greek cheesecake with cherry spoon sweet

A sweet that you will remember forever


We can make a wonderful cheesecake with three types of Greek cheeses, the creamy Katiki (PDO) cheese of  Domokos, my favoutite Tsalafouti cheese of Evritania and Anevato cheese of Grevena.

The orange gives its own taste to the biscuit crust of the cheesecake and the cherry spoon sweet tops it with a dark red colour and sour aftertaste.

The recipe is easy and there are various combinations. Rose or carrot spoon sweet…  or maybe orange spoon sweet in pieces for a perfect harmony.

There are many choices for the cream and the spoon sweet or the jam we can use.

The result will be amazing. We tasted it at Xiniada of Domokos  by Galani sisters in which they used Katiki cheese 14% fat.

Greek cheesecake with cherry spoon sweet

From the famous cheese maker Galani, Domokos

Τσιζ κέικ με γλυκό κεράσι


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