Helen’s lemon pie

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Helen’s lemon pie

My friend Helen left the windswept Tinos and settled two years now, in another sacred place, Meteora.


There, in the shadow of the monasteries and unique rocks protected as a unique natural phenomenon by Unesco, she created inside the beautiful Antoniadis hotel at the back street side, a beautiful place «To Aroma tis Mentas” –“The mint flavor» with amazing decor where you feel like home. Helen is a warmhearted person and makes by herself the sweets she serves and that is why they are unique as the lemonades from secret recipes of her Mom. I liked also very much and the coffee and snacks. You should go there … however her recipe of our lemon pies she «trusted» to us and we greatly appreciate it.lemonopita_elenhs_1

Lemon pie

By Helen of «Aroma Mentas» Kalambaka Antoniadis hotel

Published by Sissy Nika also at Emvolos.gr

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