Kagianas with feta cheese

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For a strong, rich and healthy breakfast


A dish overflowing with health, freshness and colour. The absolute combination with exceptional harmony. Eggs, tomato, feta cheese, oregano, whole grain bread and salad with olive oil.

These, along  with fresh juices and other goodies, are offered for breakfast on the beautiful island of the Corinthian bay,  Troisonia, by my friend Gianna Sini, the owner of the Bar Ancora Restaurant. Some days that I have a little time I choose it for breakfast for many reasons. Eggs are among the most nutritious

kagianas_tyri_feta_1foods. Since the ancient times it has been a favorite food because it was giving vitality… Eggs are rich in high quality proteins and low in calories since one large egg “gives” only 70 calories. Most of the protein is in the egg white.  The egg is rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus vitamin A, niacin, biotin, vitamin B12, B2, B5, B9 as well as other micro nutrients found in yolk as well as antioxidants that help vision. I will also add that choline, a particular nutrient found in saffron, strengthens brain functions and sharpens the memory.

The combination of egg and tomato is the best because a medium tomato provides 30% of the human body’s daily needs for vitamin C and has a strong antioxidant effect and it is rich in potassium.

It is worth it adding eggs in your children’s diet and your own because it is delicious and nutritious.


Kagianas with feta cheese

By Gianna Sini, at resaurant the Ancora, Trizonia Fokidas area.

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