Kourabiedes (almond biscuits) from Messinia

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Kourabiedes (almond biscuits) from Messenia

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Kourabies has its own history… it first appear in Persia, in the 7th century, when sugar spread to the region. However, Lebanon is also claiming the paternity of Kourabie. The name kourabie comes from the Albanian word kurabie or gurabie or the Turkish kurabiye or the Arabic qurabiya which means Kuru, dry and biye, cookie.

A similar cookies to kourabiedes, Polvoron, is found in South America and Texas.

The customary snow sweet that stars in the delicious events of the holidays … was established as the sweet of Christmas and New Year because it “gives” good luck.

In fact, it is said that the more almonds the kourabies has, the luckier the house and the householder…

The good luck that “brings”, has established him and in several areas of Greece is offered at weddings and baptisms.

One of the most beautiful kourabiedes I have tried are those of Nikos Drakopoulos, with the recipe of his mother, who was an amazing cook. The cuisine of Messinia is one of the most authentic and delicious, the ingredients are excellent and the Messinians know the “art of hospitality” from a young age.

Kourabiedes (almond biscuits) from Messinia

By Nikos Drakopoulos, Akrogiali Hotel, Ag. Andreas, Messinia

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