Lamb with potatoes and fresh aromatic herbs

  • Προβολές

Authentic taste from the mountain with the aroma of the freshness of the Greek land


A tasty creation that everybody likes. A rustic taste and heady combination of aromas….

If you want you can marinate the lamb or the small goat with white wine and aromatic herbs over the night so the wine aroma will dominate and you will arnaki_galaktos_patates_myrwdika_2not use citrus fruit.

You can replace the lemon with orange if you like better and with it you give a more festive tone…

If you want you can add grinned ginger to give an even more beautiful touch.

We give you our suggestions besides from the recipe for a more creative cooking.

Its your choice.

Lamb with potatoes and fresh aromatic herbs

By Spyros Nakos executive chef at Delliniko restaurant.


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