Lenten buns

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Lenten buns 10 minutes

That most delicious for fasting

A few days ago we made a report for the site emvolos.gr, in the context of the acquaintance and the promotion of well-known producers of the wider region of Alexandria.

That’s how I met Giorgos Glavinas and I really appreciated him for his insistence on the quality of the raw material, his state-of-the-art equipment and his innovations. Its flours are selected from all over Greece and the recipes are unique.

The baker George Glavinas

Breads selected especially this one with a low glycemic index, the best I have tasted outside France.

The bun is amazing and the pies are jealous. The bougatsa is incredible like its sweets but we will deal with them again.

I tried his fasting buns and I liked them so I asked George for the recipe, which he gladly gave me for you.

Now if you do not have time you can get it from the bakeries Glavina in Alexandria and Paleochori.

Lenten buns

By George Glavinas, a well-known baker, Alexandria

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