Linguine with shrimp and tomato sauce

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Linguine with shrimp and tomato sauce

A dreamy pasta

Pasta is liked a lot because it fills us up and it immediately boosts our strength. In this pasta we use linguine because the sauce thickens better.

In just 20 minutes we have a hearty dish for the whole family.

We thaw and precook the shrimp and depending on our budget we can get small, medium or large ones. Fresh or frozen, peeled shrimp with heads or not.

Efi makes this pasta very often because everyone likes it and it is the easy solution instead of resorting to ordering takeout.

In the end, very few restaurants compete with Efi’s cuisine, and those that do, don’t have the same view, since from her balcony the whole of Mykonos “spreads” in front of us and we count the islands of the Aegean. How many feasts we have had on this fascinating terrace…

Linguine with shrimp and tomato sauce

By Efi Markozanes, Mykonos


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