Make Armenovil ice cream!

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Make Armenovil ice cream

A taste that delights the young and the old people!

A nostalgic taste that I enjoyed in beautiful Veria, of waters and culture…

In the old Jewish district of Baruta passing the bridge you will meet the “12 Grada” restaurant… Giannis Samoukas prepared for me the Armenovil ice cream, a taste with French flavor that won me. It is not difficult and it is worth preparing for your friends a special day that you are celebrating…

By Giannis Samoukas executive chef of the restaurant “12 Grada”, Veria

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    Step 1

    In a clean and dry mixer bowl, we pour the milk cream and whisk it with the wire together with the powdered sugar making the whipped cream and then we leave it aside.

    Step 2

    We boil the sugar in syrup with 50 ml of water and finally we add the vanilla and keep the syrup warm. In a mixer, we whisk the yolks well until they get a cream texture and we slowly pour half of the hot syrup and continue to beat until the egg cream cools down.

    Step 3

    We put the egg whites and the remaining syrup in a clean and dry bin of the mixer whisking with the wire at moderate speed until the Italian meringue is tightened.

    Step 4

    We place a non-stick baking paper on a baking pan and spread half of the meringue and bake in a well preheated oven at 120°C for 2 hours.

    Step 5

    We mix the remaining mixtures gently with the cream of the yolks, the meringue, the whipped cream and the crocant. We put the baked meringue in a pot and pour over with the mixture of Armenovil.

    Step 6

    We freeze for 10 hours in good refrigeration.

    Step 7

    For the ganache, we boil the milk cream and pour the chocolate pieces out of the fire. Stir well until the it is ready.

    Step 8

    We serve the ice cream by cutting into pieces and spread the chocolate sauce over.

    Step 9

    Heat the sugar on the fire and by pulling it make caramel threads and decorate the Armenovile.

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