Milk Pie from Mani

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Milk Pie from Mani
A pie that has “written” in the Greek dna

In recent days, a war has broken out over the paternity of milk pie. “The essence is one and the milk pie corner…” say the people. For the sake of history, let us inform you that the milk pie was the placenta of ancient times, of Byzantium and of Greece today.

It is the favorite pie of all Greeks that has returned and is a point of reference.

But because the quarrel broke out, between two recognizable chefs on TV about the Milk Pie from Mani, for the paternity of the recipe, we invited our dear friend Mary Panagakou, who is a Mani and cooks with parchments to clarify the situation.

She gave us the recipe that is incredible, very easy and above all authentic.

Η διάσημη μαγείρισσα Μαίρη Παναγάκου και φίλη του

But the secret is that we enjoyed the incredible and authentic milk pie of the photo, in the emblematic restaurant of Thessaloniki Agioli, which we look forward to opening as soon as conditions allow…

Milk Pie from Mani By Mary Panagakou, famous cook and hotelier “Kotrona Bay”, Kotronas Mani

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