Mom’s meatballs with tomato sauce

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Mom’s meatballs with tomato sauce

Beloved taste of little Michalis

Meatballs are written loudly in the DNA of all Mediterranean people. However, no matter how we make them, either fried, or with lemonade, or with red sauce or even baked, it is a favorite flavor for young and old.

κεφτεδάκια, σάλτσα

Because I happen to be Michalis’ godmother, it seems that the child has a call to gastronomy. He is also very eclectic with his food and well-being in general.

The meatballs are his favorites and so one Sunday he made them completely himself, from a recipe he found on the internet that he of course adorned it with his own preferences in ingredients.

He laid the table himself and with his mom made the salad so that he could take care of us.

If I convince him he will give me the recipe with the amazing chocolate truffles he makes…


Mom’s meatballs with tomato sauce

By Michalis Nikas, student

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