Okra with tomato

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Okra with tomato

Delicious and healthy

It is true not everyone likes okra but they are one of the delicious vegetables of high nutritional value. They contain Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and helps the cardiovascular system, they also contain vitamins B6, K, A, folic acid, manganese, magnesium. They are one of the vegetables that help in the proper functioning of the brain and help in the treatment of depression. So they are one of the vegetables that we should adopt in our diet.

The absorption of iron is enhanced further when okra are combined with tomatoes.

They are one of the vegetables that ripen the heart of summer. Their cultivation is demanding and their harvest is difficult, because the hairs on the leaves and the fruit itself are allergenic. They should be collected when they are small because if we let them grow they become woody.

The okra flower is the most beautiful flower of the vegetables.

My friend Marina in the beautiful Dichori of Vardousia, has her own vegetable garden with tomatoes and her okra become incredible.

Sometimes she combines them with chicken and it is a very tasty food.

Lofty mountains, lakes, waterfalls, stone passages and authentic beauty. What is certain is that you will meet wild animals of the forest, roe deer, deer, foxes so you have your cameras ready.

Okra with tomato

From Marina Koutsopoulou, the Village Shop, Dichori Vardousia


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