Onion pie with wine

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Intoxicating taste from the well known winery Semeli of Nemea


A dreamlike kitchen with taste kneaded in wine…. and what a wine…. the bright red strong Agiorgitiko wine, my favorite.

At the wine zone of Agiorgitiko, at Ancient Nemea where Dionisos and kremmydopita_krasati_1his mother Semeli dwelled , i was invited at the well known winery Semeli , we enjoyed tastes that marked our taste memory…. as long as the award-winning wines i think that there are heavenly made.

The winemaker Leonidas Nasiakos makes the wine that moves me every time, the chilled Mantinia. The heart of mosxofilerou, Mantinia area with its vineyards, that is located close to the winery.

Miss Kiki Papantoniou, the cook of Semeli winery that prepared except the others a magnificent pie that gave us the recipe…. Now if you don’t find Agiorgitiko use a local red or white wine…. of your choice.

Onion pie with wine

By Kiki Papantoniou the cook of Semeli winery.


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