Pre-baked Vasilopita from Andros

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Pre-baked Vasilopita from Andros

Authentic taste… for the “first day of the year”

Andros is a very beautiful island and one of my favorite. The truth is that I have worked hard to promote the island, since the Paradise Hotel belongs to the Mantzavelakis group, where I worked for 15 years and I have only excellent memories. So I know the island and their people very well.

The best confectioner by far… is Vangelis Lygizos, I wish he opened a confectionery in Athens… to have it close to us. His sweets are worth loving and the raw material is excellent. In the summers, his sweets are sold out from early in the morning, so the first concern of the people of Andros, who arrive in Chora from London, usually since Andros is the island of the shipowners, competing with Chios. In the winter, Vangelis even sends his dream sweets to London. His millefeuilles is the best I have tried, I was looking for it as soon as I woke up, since it is sold out until 11 in the morning…

Vangelis is an excellent craftsman and a man always gentle with a smile. I have presented his sweets many times in tributes I have done in Andros. His royal pie is excellent, I tried it, I liked it and I asked for the recipe for the friends of

The vasilopita can be decorated with small ornaments that are commercially available and we can also wrap it with ribbons. Just do not forget to put the pound after the vasilopita has cooled.

Pre-baked Vasilopita from Andros

From the famous confectioner Vangelis Lygizos, Chora Andros

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