“Daddy’s” Rice Salad

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“Daddy’s” Rice Salad
A nutritious salad

Rice has a significant presence in cuisines around the world. In Greek cuisine it is a major ingredient in favorite dishes such as stuffed vegetables, spinach, tomatoes and so much more. Rice is a food of particular nutritional value as it is rich in B vitamins other than B12. It also contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. An important advantage of rice is that it is gluten free, the basic protein of cereals. For this reason it can be consumed by people with gluten intolerance, the known celiac disease. Rice is one of the essential elements of a vegetarian diet.

In this salad we combine rice with vegetables and fish to enhance the variety of amino acids and nutrients.

In Tinos they are used to serving it during fasting periods and I really liked that I tried it in Kardiani, from my beloved friend Yiannis Vidalis.

Of course you can make it even more amazing with your own signature, adding other ingredients from tomatoes and octopus to sausages and prosciutto if you want to give  a meaty version.

The choice is yours in order to make the most imaginable salad.

“Daddy’s” Rice Salad
By Ioannis Vidalis, hotelier of the Vicentzo Hotel, Tinos Town

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