Rabbit with orange of Sargetaina

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Rabbit with orange of Sargetaina

Authentic Cretan flavor with orange aroma

In Anisaraki, the beautiful place next to the 3000-year-old monumental olive tree, I photographed the authentic Cretan recipe prepared by Eleni Sartzetaki, who is the owner of the olive grove with the olive tree, which is a natural monument. This is a tsunati olive with a perimeter of 12, 32 meters that in good years produces 220 liters of vintage olive oil. Apart from being an incredible cook, Eleni is also one of the best weavers in Crete.

Learning the secrets of the loom from Eleni Sartzetaki

The visit to her home is a real experience… and the taste of the rabbit is uplifting. However, in the cuisine of Crete, the rabbit has a strong presence as well as snails.

The recipe is yours

The monumental olive tree of Kandanos


Rabbit with orange of Sargetaina
By Eleni Sartzetaki, Anysaraki Kandanou, Crete

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