Roast chicken with beer and super sauce

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Roast chicken with beer and super sauce
A food of high nutritional value

A delicious creation, very tasty and at the same time of high nutritional value, since we combine the chicken with lettuce salad. Chicken is very rich in protein, vitamin B and iron. It has very few calories, just 165 per 100 g. chicken, without the skin.

Effie prepared for us the old German recipe with the beer, but accompanied it with an amazing sauce, so cool and fragrant that she put in Mykonian fennel. If you can’t find fennel in the grocery store then you can use dill. Because it is time we pay a little more attention to our diet we did not combine it with potatoes but with a rich lettuce salad. Of course, you can also add potatoes that are just as delicious, as they will be baked in the chicken sauce with beer.

Lettuce is a valuable vegetable, of very low caloric value, so it is suitable for a careful diet. It is worth mentioning that the ancient Greeks and Romans appreciated it very much for its healing properties, from the 5th century BC. It has long been considered in China to bring good fortune and is definitely served on birthdays and holidays.

The nutritional value of lettuce is important as it is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, E, K. Lettuce is a very good source of fiber and a good source of potassium, manganese, chromium. It is very low in calories so it is suitable for a careful diet. An important advantage is its rich content of vitamin C with the simultaneous presence of β-carotene making it a vital vegetable for cholesterol metabolism and thus avoiding the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

So our Efi prepared chicken for us today in her own unique way. I’ve tried it and it was wonderful.

The recipe is yours.


Roast chicken with beer and super sauce

By Efi Markozanes, Mykonos

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