Rolled pork stuffed with apricots and plums – Aromatic rice with turmeric

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Rolled pork stuffed with apricots and plums – Aromatic rice with turmeric

Two recipes with flavor and exotic aroma

Double taste for today filled with festival aroma. Because, each day must be a day of celebration for the family. By cooking we show our love for our family and our friends only then the food will have a great taste.

I always liked to prepare for my friends rolled pork or chicken with apricots and plums. I always accompanied them with fried potatoes bathed with aromatic sauce.

Using various complicated recipes spend me much time. Spyros prepared me a delicious roll of dried apricots and plums, and because I like the exotic flavors I also put pink peppers grains with almonds in the sauce.

Today Spyros has prepared rice with turmeric so aromatic and very nutritious, of great nutritional value and accompanied the roll. But since the potatoes are sin … beloved by the children I made an exception this time…

You can prepare the roll according to your preferences, use only apricots or only prunes or even pineapple dried and in the winter chestnut and plum. You can “glaze” the pork with sweet wine or maurodafni but the color will become darker. In the sauce you can add pine nuts, almonds or whatever you like.

Correspondingly, you can replace pork with chicken or beef; it will simply vary the baking time depending on the meat.
The recipe will impress you.


Roll Pork stuffed with apricots and plums
From Spyros Nakos, executive chef of Delliniko, Athens


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