Shrimp Giouvetsi in the wood-fired oven

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Shrimp Giouvetsi in the wood-fired oven

A dream flavor scented with a sea breeze, from the best side of Crete, the exotic Elafonisi beach

I will never forget the Cretan who said to me, seeing me garides_giouvetsi_2gazing the coral sea  … «Girl, this is what the Europeans are jealous of… and they put pressure on us.» However, back to our recipe, which has a Greek character with herbs, feta cheese, and fresh tomato grown in the area and stands out for its taste.

Elafonisi had inspired me and I took one of my most beautiful pictures which was  later awarded… John Lionakis has caught my attention because he cooks tasty “diamonds” in this captivating corner of Crete. The rusks he makes in the wood-fired oven, were «drowned» in the exquisite tomato sauce with feta cheese and shrimps … there was not even one left… and we are only 4 people … imagine …

Shrimp Giouvetsi in the oven

By John Lionakis, of the tavern «Gialites» Livadia Elafonissi, Crete

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