Minced meat dumplings with cheese

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Minced meat dumplings with cheese

Lovely motherly taste


Iakovina is excited with our minced meat dumplings with cheese

I go crazy when with my friend Nana we reproduce tasty creations of the traditional Greek cuisine and many times its even better from those that are made by moms and grandmothers that i tasted.

So it happened with Iakovina, mother of my friend Dimitris, that i went mad with her small pies with minced meat and cheese although i didn’t had the recipe we made them even better….

If I imagine that she won’t make them again for me then I will have to visit Nana at Servia…. I don’t think so…. anyways we had so much fun.


Minced meat dumplings with cheese

By Nana Gaboura executive chef at “At Ann’s mom kitchen” restaurant at Servia Kozani city


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