Smashing cabbage rolls

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Smashing cabbage rolls

The marketable recipe of my cousin

Cabbage rolls are a favorite food of autumn and winter when the cabbages are at their best. My family has a tradition in gastronomy, and of course, dominants are my aunt Katina and her daughters. My aunt’s pigs were known all over Argolida as well as her country bread. The giulpasi, the pies, and the cabbage rolls are the specialties of my dear cousin Stella. Evanthia has a specialty in preserve sweets. Every time I heard they had cabbage rolls I asked my father to take me to them and we made 25 km to the Holy Trinity, the village of my aunt, to enjoy them.

I asked Stella for the recipe for Emvolos and she gave it to me. She told me her secret, that the cabbage rolls must have enough lemon and in order not to have to tie the sauce, we should be careful about the proportion of the egg-lemon and the temperature of the broth not to be hot so we take the pot away from the fire 10 minutes before making the sauce. Also, she told me that sometimes she adds orange zest instead of lemon for more fragrance. Naturally, the oranges are cut at that moment from their trees and the eggs are from their chickens.

I’m sure your family will be excited by your cabbage rolls.

Smashing cabbage rolls

By my cousin Stella Mastorakou

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