Smoked Chub mackerel

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Smoked Chub mackerel

In the summer chub mackerel is at his best, so according to the tradition it is said «… and the chub mackerel in August …»

The truth is that in July it is also delicious. Besides, we are always looking and give you the best utilitarian seasonal recipes and «reveal» well sealed cooking secrets.

Kalymnos except of being the island of sponge divers, it is also the island with the finest seafood delicacies. The smoked chub mackerel is one of them … the famous Kalymnos Cooperative Enterprise, gave us the exact recipe and of course you can apply it to other fish such as cod, sardines, small anchovies … so you will have a fine delicacy to enjoy with your tsipouro made by you and thus much cheaper. Good appetite …

Smoked Chub mackerel

From the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Kalymnos “Panagia Ypapanti” – Kalymnos Seafood

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